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American states flowers

Each state of the Union has the flower that represents it because in its territory it grows more luxuriant than elsewhere or because it is the symbol that recalls its history but no one is more beautiful than another, they are all marvels of botany. Their shape and color can excel not only in the garden but also be reflected in the objects we love.
But there is also the national flower of the United States and it is the Rose. Each type of rose can be represented as a federation flower but it is customary that American Beauty is the most represented species.
American Beauty cultivar is a rose thea hybrid that was obtained in France in the second half of the 19th century. The cultivar arrived in America and immediately had a great success: it is a beautiful rose with 50 petals of a very intense pink color, with a subtle fragrance and has the merit of a long flowering from the beginning of April until late autumn. In 1999 his name contributed to the fortune and success of the homonymous film which won 5 Oscars.
In 1986 President Reagan signed a provision, undersigned by the Senate and the House of Representatives, in which it was established that the official flower had to be the rose and that this was the flower that was to appear as a symbol of the nation like the eagle and of the flag with stars and stripes.
In the individual states the choice of the flower was made according to custom but also on the initiative of citizens and ratified by authority.
The official flower list of the states is published by the National Arboretum of the United States.
Its flower is the Camellia with colors ranging from white to pink, up to red and even yellow; its choice as official flower has a troubled history. In 1927 the schoolchildren suggested Solidago Virgaurea, or goldenrod, as the official flower because it was a wild herb very widespread throughout the state.
Known in herbal medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties, it was considered a weed by gardeners who wanted a flower with which to soften the gardens, so in 1959 the legislators approved the Camellia as the official flower, a resistant shrub with a beautiful flowering and in some cultivars also a pleasant fragrance.
However, since there are over 3000 cultivars of camellia, some of them very dissimilar, in 1999 it was necessary to make a further choice and so Camellia Japonica became the official flower of Alabama by law.
The plant, native to Southeast Asia, is ideal for the garden and a reasoned choice of different cultivars can give a continuous flowering from February to November.

Its flower is Myosotis Alpestris, better known as Forget-Me-Not, a small, deep blue flower that blooms in the short summers of the coldest state of America. It has been chosen to be the symbolic flower of the state since in 1927 when a twelve-year-old boy inserted it in the design of the flag that had won the competition held in schools. In the flag he designed, and still today flag of Alaska, the constellation Ursa Major is represented in a blue field that symbolizes the sky of the state and at the top right, in the position of Polar Star, a Forget-me-not representing the future of the state.
The plant widespread in North America but also in Europe owes its common name to the stem and shaggy leaves that stick everywhere ... [to be continued]

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